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Installing OBIEE 10g on Windows 7 (32bit or 64bit) machine

Today i needed to install OBI 10g on my laptop which was running a 64bit version of Windows 7. After extracting the files I ran the setup.exe only to get the following error message:

I decided to change the compatibility settings for the executable to run in either Windows XP mode or Windows Vista and tried the installation again. It failed again in Windows XP mode (with the same error message) but worked when it was set to any of the Windows Vista settings.

To change the compatibility, right click on the setup.exe file and select Properties. Then click on the Compatibility tab and select the compatibility mode you wish to apply. I also ticked ‘Run this program as an Administrator’ to make sure my account had all necessary permissions to install ok.



The setup then began as normal and I got to the last screen of the installation wizard before it actually goes and installs OBIEE. You need to make sure you have a 32bit version of the Java JDK installed. If (like me) you have the 64bit version of the Java JDK installed, you need also install the 32bit as OBIEE will not work properly with the 64bit JDK. Java JDK can be installed from:


If you do pick the location of the 64bit JDK then OBIEE will be installed but you will only be able to use the Administrative tool to modify the Repository (rpd). You won’t be able to log into Analytics (Dashboards or Answers) because the ‘Oracle BI Java Host’ service (one of the 5 services that installs as part OBIEE) will fail to start or run when you try to restart it. So when you try to navigate to the logon screen in a browser http://localhost:9704/Analytics you will get the standard 404 Page not found error.

With the 32bit version of the JDK, the installation should successfully complete and everything should work as if it was installed on a Windows XP (or one of the other supported platforms).


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