Montreal and completing the loop

The drive from Killington up to the Canadian border only took a couple of hours and the scenery on the way was just as good as any we had seen elsewhere in the States. The snow started to get thicker and deeper the closer to the border we got and we were both hoping for an easier transition than when we entered.

The border crossing was completely different than the massive one from British Columbia to Washington. Here, there were only 4 plaza booths and only one of them was open. We were also the only car there trying to cross the border so it was a lot less hassle.

The guy on the booth was Canadian so instantly a pleasure to talk to as opposed to the other arrogant Yanks on the opposite side and after surrendering our I-94W cards we were back in Canada.

Montreal really was like mini Paris. French definitely was the main language and we didn’t hear much English during our stay.I had exhausted my French vocabulary within seconds of trying to check in but luckily the girl on reception spoke both!

We had checked into Hotel St Dennis which was right in the middle of the Latin quarter and within minutes we found ourselves among the old churches and down by the harbour.  We walked along the main street, Rue St Catherina which had lots of malls and shops all done out and ready for Christmas.

Abby was facinated by the way they got rid of the snow from the city.

Instead of spending 3 days in Montreal and then only 2 days in the Toronto airport, we decided to head for the airport hotel a day early as a massive snow storm was due to hit anytime. We were actually lucky in that we got to back to Toronto before the snow really hit but also the main drop of snow (2 foot in 24hrs) mostly stopped before it hit Toronto city. If we had left it a day later we would have struggled to make it back to Toronto at all so our gamble paid off.

After we had checked in and carted our massive amount of luggage up to our room, we headed to the airport to drop the car off in what was to be our last drive. I was gearing myself up for a big fight with them but somehow we managed to turn up at the wrong terminal so ended up dropping the car off at a completely different desk with different staff. Anyway, all I can say is next time we will give Hertz a try as National, Enterprise and Alamo are all the same company and useless! And good luck to whoever has to try and make it to the petrol station to fill that car up… It was beyond low on fuel, even by my standards!

So we arrive back in the UK on Christmas Eve for a few days before we head out to Sri Lanka, armed with backpacks for the second half of the trip!

Everyone have a great Christmas and a fantastic new year!

Love Matt & Abby

PS: For those of you that are interested, the total mileage for this part of the trip was 13180 miles.


Skiing the ‘Beast’

With just under a week left on our Can-Am trip, we left Boston as it started to snow and made our way up to Killington, Vermont for a couple of days skiing. The journey was only supposed to take a couple of hours but due to the weather it took nearer 6. We must have seen at least 15 crashes on the way up to Vermont, ranging from a car/truck stuck in the hedge to pile ups on the opposite carriageway!

The place we were staying in was just outside Killington resort in a little village called Plymouth. As the beginning of the ski season was due to start the week later, we ended up being the only ones in the hotel. The hotel itself, Salt Ash Inn, was just having renovation work finished as half of the building was destroyed in a hurricane last year.

Monday morning came and we hit Killington resort to pick up some skis and boots before heading out onto the slopes. It was still snowing when we got onto our first ski lift and had snowed about 6 inches during the night so I was eager to get up onto the fresh powder.

Abby struggled the first day as it was quite cold and as the falling snow was hitting her goggles it was instantly freezing, so she had to keep stopping every 2 minutes to clear them.

On Tuesday it was raining quite a bit which had scared most people off and meant the slopes were even quieter than yesterday. We skied until early afternoon at which point we were so wet we decided to pack it in and head back to the hotel to defrost but not berfore a nice bread bowl of chilli!

The slopes in the resort were quite varied and suited Abby as there were a lot of blue and black (no diamond) runs (these are what us Europeans class as red runs). The resort was only 40% open while we were there but there were more than enough slopes to keep us both busy and happy.

Before heading back to Toronto, we decided to visit Montreal for the last few days of our trip before heading back to the UK for Christmas and then the start of part 2!


Boston Massachusetts?

After leaving New York we decided to avoid the issues around Newtown, Connecticut and stick on the south I-95 towards Boston, hoping we would not be blocked by any leftovers of Hurricane Sandy. To be honest, we didn’t notice any problems at all. It must have either not got up this far or had tired itself out after hammering New York and the Jersey shoreline.

Abby was under strict instructions to avoid Toll roads at all costs as we forgot to get any cash other than our $1 we still had.

We made it up to Massachusetts and into Boston without any problems and my only regrets were we didn’t spend enough time here. We really had to leave Boston on Sunday afternoon as we had pre-booked some skiing accommodation up in Vermont and due to the extra day we stayed in New York, we were squeezed.

It doesn’t matter though as we will definitely be coming back here! Boston was by far my favourite place in America. Abby’s still stands at San Francisco, which was really nice, but there was just something about Boston for me.

It felt like it could have belonged to an European country, the architecture seemed very familiar, maybe from films or again similar to that of Europe. There were obviously new buildings as well and some were really interesting looking and the contrast between the old and new just seemed to work so well here.

The city is split into two main areas with the Harbour obviously on the East side by the sea and the park area right in the middle of the city. Here you can see how well everything seems to fit together (and no, I haven't 'Photo-shopped' that building in).

Some of America’s best universities were just a stone’s throw away, Harvard, Longy and MIT (I like to think I would have at least tried to get into MIT had I been born on this side of the Atlantic).

Abby managed to find one of the only 3 Wagamamma restaurants that exist in the USA so we obviously had to eat there.


The Big Apple

The drive from Washington D.C. up to New York only lasted a couple of hours but took us through 5 different states. Starting in Maryland (where we stayed) into Delaware, then Pennsylvania, New Jersey and finally New York State. Abby, for some reason had decided she was only capable of navigating via toll roads which was becoming a bit of a problem (and quite annoying) as none of the toll booths accept cards. We only had $30 dollars cash with us, as my new bank card is still waiting for me back at home after it got itself cloned and I’d rather turn around than get cash out via my credit card.

We had planned on actually stopping in Philadelphia for a couple of days but as we got there it was so grey, misty and dreary that we decided to give it a miss and get to Sammy’s sooner. Sammy (for those of you that have no idea who she is) is Abby’s friend from back home who has been living and working in New York for a few years.

Anyway, driving through the Bronx (where Sammy currently lives) was a bit of an experience but without too many problems we arrived around 19:00 with just $1 left in my back pocket!

We didn't do much touristy stuff in New York as Abby has been a few times before and I’ve been with a few mates a couple of years ago. We did do some more shopping and we managed to get up the Empire State building with the full Audio tour setup for only $12.50, thanks to Sammy’s boyfriend’s brother.

We were going to leave for Connecticut on Friday 14th but as we were packing, we watched the horrible breaking news from the Newtown school shooting. We had originally planned on taking the I-684 up and then I-84 across Connecticut towards Boston, which would have taken us right through Newtown while allowing us to avoid any damage by Hurricane Sandy on the south route. We decided to stay with Sammy an extra day and just had the news on for most of the day watching in disbelief.

I think it’s terrible what has happened in Newtown but America needs to take a good hard look at itself in the mirror and address its main problem which is, how bloody messed up it is!

It makes me laugh but most states won’t let you buy cigarettes if you are under 21, you are unable to buy beer from a shop after midnight, but 24 hours a day you can go and do your weekly shop and in between the bakery section and the chocolate aisle you can buy a couple of hand guns, a rifle and ammo with just a driving license. I mean come on, how stupid is that!

I still can’t get used to people asking us and the signs (as we enter buildings, museums, restaurants etc) to “please leave any knifes and firearms in the car, as they are not allowed on site”!


So, there is not much else to report from the Big Apple really, other than we got married at City Hall on 11th December and then went out for a bite to eat and a few too many drinks afterwards!


Washington D.C.

So first thing I didn’t realise was that D.C. (District of Columbia) isn’t actually an official state in the USA because it is considered the capitol of the country it has no representation in congress.

We were staying just outside of D.C. in Maryland as it was so cheap compared to if we had stayed in D.C. itself. Our hotel was just a short walk from the metro station and it only took 20minutes to get into the centre of D.C.

Anyway, D.C. was an amazing place and it felt like we were actually in America unlike some of the other places we have been. I think it was because we recognised a lot of the city from all sorts of different films and we found ourselves wandering round trying to remember “what film that building was in”.

We visited most of the usual sights which you will see pictures of below, the ones I can remember are: The White House, State Capitol, The Archives, Federal Triangle, Library of Congress, FBI Headquarters, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Einstein Memorial, Vietnam Veterans wall and probably others that I can’t remember.

I’ll add more to this blog later when I’m in a better writing mood and can actually remember what we did.


North Carolina and Virginia

We had intended to do a few days skiing in North Carolina but alas, the weather again has been too warm and has delayed the opening of most of the resorts in this area. The current plan is to do a bit of skiing once we hit Vermont otherwise we really will be running out of time, and states!

The drive through North Carolina was beautiful and this is definitely an area I would like to come back to and spend much more time than the couple of days we gave it. Plenty of outdoor activities to take part in during the summer months and plenty of mountains for skiing in the winter (well maybe not this winter). A lovely state!

We decided to spend a few nights in a place called Asheville which is a smallish town compared to Charlotte or Greensboro. The place was great, a real feel of a small, friendly town.

We went out for a nice Indian meal one night and also got caught up in Friday night American Football in one of the local bars. They are crazy about it and I spent most of the first quarter explaining to Abby what the hell was going on. Putting all those hours of playing NFL Blitz with my brothers to good use!

As it was the first Friday in December, there was a massive pub crawl going on with about 200+ people dressed up as Christmas things (mostly Santas). We had just got in the car to drive back to the motel at this point so had to wait for them all to stagger across the road.

From North Carolina we headed further north into Virginia in the direction of the capital (or capitol as they say)! The countryside in Virginia was equally as beautiful as North Carolina’s. We drove part of the Blue Ridge Parkway after watching them do it on Top Gear years ago and the views were stunning!

We ended up spending the night in a really small village called Lovingston which couldn’t have had more than a few hundred people living in it. There was only one motel and one restaurant in the village other than McDonalds which really is everywhere in the USA and Canada! To be honest the Village Inn where we stayed was one of the better places we have stopped in so far, but we really were in the middle of nowhere!

From here we are heading up to D.C. for a few mad days of sight-seeing!



Nashville was similar to Memphis apart from the downtown area was in better condition and there weren’t as many homeless people about (or if there was, they were better at hiding at least). We had a walk around the place in the morning and visited the state capital and some of the other buildings worth seeing. We also went for a walk down Printer’s Alley which wasn’t really all that exciting.

We found a cool painting on the side of a building so grabbed a snap of it.

We visited yet another museum, this one was dedicated to the history of America. Some of the exhibits were a bit weird and boring but we did find some old stocks that used to be used hundreds of years ago to punish thieves. Looking back, I don’t think we were actually allowed to touch them but I put Abby in them anyway and we never got thrown out, so maybe we were?

Oh, the only really important thing to mention about Nashville was we found a cowboy boot shop that was buy 1 pair, get 2 pairs free! All the boots were around the $300-500 mark so we got our money’s worth! Also, I was the one that got the two pairs not Abby as you would expect!


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