Hire car saga. But we're on the road now!


After a couple of nice warm days in Toronto, today was rather wet. It was also the day Abby was dreading as we were due to pick up the hire car for a 3 month round trip of Canada and USA… what could go wrong.

After what can only be described as a total nightmare with the hire car company we had booked through, we managed to get one sorted with another company a few hours later. Then came the part I was looking forward to the most, class upgrades!

So after some outstanding negotiating on my part (94% cheaper than their opening price per day) they agreed to upgrade us from the Ford Focus or equivalent to a 5.0L brand new Ford Mustang convertible in Black. I couldn’t get the cases in fast enough which was obvious as I set the alarm off.




But it was not to be, after signing all the paper work and turning to walk out the door, the scrawny, young, cocky manager who had showed up 5 minutes before, decided the deal couldn’t be done as all the Mustangs weren’t allowed to be hired out after September 30th as they were classed as summer cars. So we could have it for 2 weeks but would have to bring it back to Toronto to exchange it and he wouldn’t even let us drop it off in Calgary or Edmonton.

Well while I went into the biggest sulk in the world and went to retrieve the cases from the boot of my beloved mustang, Abby tried to calm the situation as I refused to speak to the idiot anymore. Anyway, all was not lost as she managed to get a Ford edge out of it which is probably a much more ideal car for the 3 months especially the drive ahead around the Rockies and through the Icefields parkway up to Jasper. So this is our new beast for the next three months!



As today has been a total washout we headed down to Niagra-On-The-Lake where we are spending the evening before heading over to Niagra falls tomorrow.

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Sounds great guys!! Proper made me chuckle!!
Have a great to e and drive safe.
Love you both xxxxx

tony ellis

Hi you two sounds like your having a good time, by the way I wouldn't have given you a mustang either!!!!
More photos required when you get a minute, have fun!!


Hi Matt & Abbey, just got back from Tenerife to find that you are both well on the way, makes my 4hr trip look a bit meagre. Just had a look at your progress, just glad it's not my car you are putting the mileage on. Have a great time. Oh! and thanks for the loan of your Lambo!!!

Samantha Holloway

Hahahaha im sorry you guys went through some hassle but this story really made me laugh!
Sorry about your mustang Matt but I much prefer the replacement! xx


hi Matt & Abbey just read your latest exploits it all sounds great. Have a brilliant time.

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