Matt the trainspotter :-/


We decided to stay in Thunder Bay for a couple of days over the weekend to give us a break from the road. It’s started to get quite cold In Ontario now as Fall is well on its way. I had the most amazing burger for dinner on Saturday at a little place called Sovereign.

Thunder Bay is a fairly large town compared to some of the tiny places we have passed through on the way here. There are a lot of different cultures here and quite a few beggars sleeping on the street which makes me wonder how they survive the winters as it gets really cold here. Speaking of different cultures, we had a massive breakfast from a Finnish restaurant/canteen/community centre… weird place, delicious food!

Matt finally found some trains but it wasn’t difficult as there was a massive rail port just outside our hotel. That kept him entertained for a bit! I didn’t realise he was a closet train spotter, so day 7 of 194 has me questioning our relationship! Obviously I’m kidding, but if I hear “Oh My God look at the size of that train, 120 on that one!” I will kill him.


We waved goodbye to Lake Superior and carried on driving West on Highway 17, crossing our first time zone, from Eastern to Central time – so we’re now 6 hours behind. Drove to a town called Kenora, which is our last stop in Ontario. Very pretty town, on yet another lake and managed to get ourselves a cabin in a holiday resort to stay. Treated ourselves to a hot tub before bed, although hot was not the word.  Reckon we have 3rd degree burns as it was ridiculously hot!

Heading over to Winnipeg now for a few days before we head North West to Edmonton.

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Samantha Holloway

Sounds amazing so far guys! I am loving these blogs, keep them coming!!! xxx

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