Goodbye Alberta. We'll be back...


The last week has flown by, partly because we have both been having so much fun, but probably because we have spent most of it drinking far too much! This is pretty much due to us spending 8 nights with the fantastic Ann and Roy Williams, some old friends of Abby’s parents. They have lived in High River for 6 years after moving to Alberta, Canada and what a fantastic place! Not only is their house amazing but High River itself is extremely beautiful and so accessible to all its surroundings.

We arrived on the Friday 8th which was the start of the Canadian Thanks Giving weekend. Abby hadn’t seen Ann and Roy since she was 12 and I’d never met them before. We decided to stock up with some wine and beer before we arrived, but after having the tour of the house, we went down to what can only be described as the best basement I have ever seen, and probably ever likely to see! Roy had built an actual bar in his basement, kitted out with pool table, relaxation area, full DJ/PA system, old style America Jukebox and another bedroom (for those that really can’t make it home). What he didn’t tell us was that pretty much the whole street comes round every day for a party!

We met some fantastic people while we were staying with Ann and Roy, too many to name but everyone was so friendly and made us feel so welcome. This was probably why we ended up staying 8 nights instead of the originally planned 3!

So what did we get up to while we were there… well we did quite a lot alongside the job and house hunting, and I’m not even joking! In no particular order other than as I am recalling them from memory:

Had a fantastic home cooked Thanks Giving dinner by Ann
Went hiking for the day in Banff (Johnson’s Creek)
Improved my pool game
Went around Calgary and up the tower
Ate the best barbequed steak in my life
Went to watch Wade and Tanya play in Riley’s Cattle Barn
Went to our first Bass Pro shop in Canada (refrained from buying a crossbow or rifle)
Went shopping in Okotoks
Visited the Indian graves and a Hutterite colony (which would never have happened if Roy wasn’t with us)

Added to the list above were also numerous great/late nights when various people popped over from the street for a ‘few’ drinks! The local sergeant was a right laugh on the karaoke!

Also managed to give Ann and Roy something back for letting us stay so long… fixed Ann’s laptop and repaired and serviced Roy’s Wurlitzer 3400 statesman jukebox. So just want to say a big thank you to Ann and Roy for the last 8 days!

Below are a couple of pics from over the last week to try and sum everything up!

So to summarise, Alberta is definitely the best place I/we have been so far and the place I want to move to once I get home (Abby has also shown more interest than I expected which is good). We are heading through the Rockies towards the wine regions of British Columbia over the next few days which Abby has been looking forward to.

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