The wine regions of BC

Well we headed back up towards Banff and Lake Louise and headed straight through the Rockies into British Columbia and to the mountain town of Revelstoke. We stayed there for a night and made use of the free aquatics centre we had entry to with the motel. It wasn’t much to shout about but we did spend an hour or so in the steam room and Jacuzzi which was relaxing.

The motel we stayed in was quite nice but right next to the train line that follows the road up through the mountains. We had trains passing every five minutes and they continued on through the night which didn’t impress Abby much. These trains were much longer than the rest we’ve seen so far (200+ carriages and 3km long - not like I was counting). Most of them had 2 engines up front, one in the middle and one at the rear, just to get the sheer weight of the cargo over the mountains!

Anyway, we had a day wandering round the little ski town which looked really nice, but as there wasn’t any snow we headed off down to Kelowna, the wine region of BC.

We had heard Kelowna was very different to the rest of Canada and we really could have been anywhere in France, Italy or the Med. It didn’t feel at all like any of the Canada we had travelled through. Rolling hills both sides of the town overlooking a big lake, with vineyards all over. After only being there for 30 minutes it was obvious it was a bit of a retirement home for Canadians but we could see why.

As we were in Kelowna for 2 days we decided to do the wine tour trail. We hit as many of the wineries that were open as we could (7-8 in total I think). We didn’t go with a group tour so I just drove between them and needless to say, Abby did most of the sampling. It was a nice day and we got to see how a couple of the wineries made their wines and heard about how they stop the bears eating the grapes! We finished the day by coming away with several bottles of wine and as there had been quite a few generous samples throughout the day, a slightly drunk Abby.

So our next stop is Vancouver which is 4 hours away but it should be a nice drive as we going to take the Coquihalla highway! :-)

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