Washington D.C.

So first thing I didn’t realise was that D.C. (District of Columbia) isn’t actually an official state in the USA because it is considered the capitol of the country it has no representation in congress.

We were staying just outside of D.C. in Maryland as it was so cheap compared to if we had stayed in D.C. itself. Our hotel was just a short walk from the metro station and it only took 20minutes to get into the centre of D.C.

Anyway, D.C. was an amazing place and it felt like we were actually in America unlike some of the other places we have been. I think it was because we recognised a lot of the city from all sorts of different films and we found ourselves wandering round trying to remember “what film that building was in”.

We visited most of the usual sights which you will see pictures of below, the ones I can remember are: The White House, State Capitol, The Archives, Federal Triangle, Library of Congress, FBI Headquarters, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Einstein Memorial, Vietnam Veterans wall and probably others that I can’t remember.

I’ll add more to this blog later when I’m in a better writing mood and can actually remember what we did.

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