The Big Apple

The drive from Washington D.C. up to New York only lasted a couple of hours but took us through 5 different states. Starting in Maryland (where we stayed) into Delaware, then Pennsylvania, New Jersey and finally New York State. Abby, for some reason had decided she was only capable of navigating via toll roads which was becoming a bit of a problem (and quite annoying) as none of the toll booths accept cards. We only had $30 dollars cash with us, as my new bank card is still waiting for me back at home after it got itself cloned and I’d rather turn around than get cash out via my credit card.

We had planned on actually stopping in Philadelphia for a couple of days but as we got there it was so grey, misty and dreary that we decided to give it a miss and get to Sammy’s sooner. Sammy (for those of you that have no idea who she is) is Abby’s friend from back home who has been living and working in New York for a few years.

Anyway, driving through the Bronx (where Sammy currently lives) was a bit of an experience but without too many problems we arrived around 19:00 with just $1 left in my back pocket!

We didn't do much touristy stuff in New York as Abby has been a few times before and I’ve been with a few mates a couple of years ago. We did do some more shopping and we managed to get up the Empire State building with the full Audio tour setup for only $12.50, thanks to Sammy’s boyfriend’s brother.

We were going to leave for Connecticut on Friday 14th but as we were packing, we watched the horrible breaking news from the Newtown school shooting. We had originally planned on taking the I-684 up and then I-84 across Connecticut towards Boston, which would have taken us right through Newtown while allowing us to avoid any damage by Hurricane Sandy on the south route. We decided to stay with Sammy an extra day and just had the news on for most of the day watching in disbelief.

I think it’s terrible what has happened in Newtown but America needs to take a good hard look at itself in the mirror and address its main problem which is, how bloody messed up it is!

It makes me laugh but most states won’t let you buy cigarettes if you are under 21, you are unable to buy beer from a shop after midnight, but 24 hours a day you can go and do your weekly shop and in between the bakery section and the chocolate aisle you can buy a couple of hand guns, a rifle and ammo with just a driving license. I mean come on, how stupid is that!

I still can’t get used to people asking us and the signs (as we enter buildings, museums, restaurants etc) to “please leave any knifes and firearms in the car, as they are not allowed on site”!


So, there is not much else to report from the Big Apple really, other than we got married at City Hall on 11th December and then went out for a bite to eat and a few too many drinks afterwards!

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