Boston Massachusetts?

After leaving New York we decided to avoid the issues around Newtown, Connecticut and stick on the south I-95 towards Boston, hoping we would not be blocked by any leftovers of Hurricane Sandy. To be honest, we didn’t notice any problems at all. It must have either not got up this far or had tired itself out after hammering New York and the Jersey shoreline.

Abby was under strict instructions to avoid Toll roads at all costs as we forgot to get any cash other than our $1 we still had.

We made it up to Massachusetts and into Boston without any problems and my only regrets were we didn’t spend enough time here. We really had to leave Boston on Sunday afternoon as we had pre-booked some skiing accommodation up in Vermont and due to the extra day we stayed in New York, we were squeezed.

It doesn’t matter though as we will definitely be coming back here! Boston was by far my favourite place in America. Abby’s still stands at San Francisco, which was really nice, but there was just something about Boston for me.

It felt like it could have belonged to an European country, the architecture seemed very familiar, maybe from films or again similar to that of Europe. There were obviously new buildings as well and some were really interesting looking and the contrast between the old and new just seemed to work so well here.

The city is split into two main areas with the Harbour obviously on the East side by the sea and the park area right in the middle of the city. Here you can see how well everything seems to fit together (and no, I haven't 'Photo-shopped' that building in).

Some of America’s best universities were just a stone’s throw away, Harvard, Longy and MIT (I like to think I would have at least tried to get into MIT had I been born on this side of the Atlantic).

Abby managed to find one of the only 3 Wagamamma restaurants that exist in the USA so we obviously had to eat there.

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