Skiing the ‘Beast’

With just under a week left on our Can-Am trip, we left Boston as it started to snow and made our way up to Killington, Vermont for a couple of days skiing. The journey was only supposed to take a couple of hours but due to the weather it took nearer 6. We must have seen at least 15 crashes on the way up to Vermont, ranging from a car/truck stuck in the hedge to pile ups on the opposite carriageway!

The place we were staying in was just outside Killington resort in a little village called Plymouth. As the beginning of the ski season was due to start the week later, we ended up being the only ones in the hotel. The hotel itself, Salt Ash Inn, was just having renovation work finished as half of the building was destroyed in a hurricane last year.

Monday morning came and we hit Killington resort to pick up some skis and boots before heading out onto the slopes. It was still snowing when we got onto our first ski lift and had snowed about 6 inches during the night so I was eager to get up onto the fresh powder.

Abby struggled the first day as it was quite cold and as the falling snow was hitting her goggles it was instantly freezing, so she had to keep stopping every 2 minutes to clear them.

On Tuesday it was raining quite a bit which had scared most people off and meant the slopes were even quieter than yesterday. We skied until early afternoon at which point we were so wet we decided to pack it in and head back to the hotel to defrost but not berfore a nice bread bowl of chilli!

The slopes in the resort were quite varied and suited Abby as there were a lot of blue and black (no diamond) runs (these are what us Europeans class as red runs). The resort was only 40% open while we were there but there were more than enough slopes to keep us both busy and happy.

Before heading back to Toronto, we decided to visit Montreal for the last few days of our trip before heading back to the UK for Christmas and then the start of part 2!

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