Montreal and completing the loop

The drive from Killington up to the Canadian border only took a couple of hours and the scenery on the way was just as good as any we had seen elsewhere in the States. The snow started to get thicker and deeper the closer to the border we got and we were both hoping for an easier transition than when we entered.

The border crossing was completely different than the massive one from British Columbia to Washington. Here, there were only 4 plaza booths and only one of them was open. We were also the only car there trying to cross the border so it was a lot less hassle.

The guy on the booth was Canadian so instantly a pleasure to talk to as opposed to the other arrogant Yanks on the opposite side and after surrendering our I-94W cards we were back in Canada.

Montreal really was like mini Paris. French definitely was the main language and we didn’t hear much English during our stay.I had exhausted my French vocabulary within seconds of trying to check in but luckily the girl on reception spoke both!

We had checked into Hotel St Dennis which was right in the middle of the Latin quarter and within minutes we found ourselves among the old churches and down by the harbour.  We walked along the main street, Rue St Catherina which had lots of malls and shops all done out and ready for Christmas.

Abby was facinated by the way they got rid of the snow from the city.

Instead of spending 3 days in Montreal and then only 2 days in the Toronto airport, we decided to head for the airport hotel a day early as a massive snow storm was due to hit anytime. We were actually lucky in that we got to back to Toronto before the snow really hit but also the main drop of snow (2 foot in 24hrs) mostly stopped before it hit Toronto city. If we had left it a day later we would have struggled to make it back to Toronto at all so our gamble paid off.

After we had checked in and carted our massive amount of luggage up to our room, we headed to the airport to drop the car off in what was to be our last drive. I was gearing myself up for a big fight with them but somehow we managed to turn up at the wrong terminal so ended up dropping the car off at a completely different desk with different staff. Anyway, all I can say is next time we will give Hertz a try as National, Enterprise and Alamo are all the same company and useless! And good luck to whoever has to try and make it to the petrol station to fill that car up… It was beyond low on fuel, even by my standards!

So we arrive back in the UK on Christmas Eve for a few days before we head out to Sri Lanka, armed with backpacks for the second half of the trip!

Everyone have a great Christmas and a fantastic new year!

Love Matt & Abby

PS: For those of you that are interested, the total mileage for this part of the trip was 13180 miles.

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