Party Capital, Bangalore!

We got the overnight train from Alleppey to Bangalore which took 14 hours or so but arrived bang on 10:00am. I must say I’ve been impressed with the trains in India, far from what I imagined them to be. Gone are the days of hundreds of people sitting on the roofs hanging on for dear life on the overcrowded local routes. They are still way overcrowded but people just tend to hang out of the sides instead. The long distance trains generally run on-time and have all been fairly clean so far if you can overlook the odd cockroach here and there. The toilet areas however are disgusting to say the least and Abby has of several occasions nearly thrown up!

The weather in Bangalore is pretty much the same as that of Kerala, maybe a little warmer as there is no costal breeze. We have both continued to sweat our arses off in temperatures around the mid 30s. Bangalore itself doesn’t offer much to the average sightseer and is not a very touristy place. The main reason in coming here was to meet up with my friend and former colleague from BT, Vineeth, who now works and lives here.

The city is generally quite new, clean, well designed and well laid out, maybe even the cleanest city in India. Wow, that’s that big claim if it’s true! As it’s is one of India’s few IT hubs, the traffic on the outskirts of the city is mental in the morning and evening but that makes it better for the city itself. It is fairly Western city with a couple of McDonalds, KFCs and a few well known coffee chains littering the main city centre. There is also a lot of shopping outlets with brands that we commonly see back home, this made Abby happy although she has no room to carry anything should she buy.

We visited the top three sights that are mentioned in Trip Advisor when you Google Bangalore, but to be honest they’re not really worth doing. The most interesting of the three (and by most interesting I mean, still only a 3 out of 10 on the interesting scale) is the Bull Temple. I was expecting a big monument with a massive statue of a bull in there which has been carved from one giant piece of stone. The Bull was impressive but it was housed in a really small cave like building that took away its glory as it just didn’t appear as big as it really was.

The park area in Bangalore is really nice and we spent an hour or so just laying round and taking in the sights and people watching. We also went to what was Bangalore’s version of Chelsea Flower Show which was good but way too hot to be wandering around in poly tunnels etc. I thought I’d put a few pictures up for my mum and to let her know I didn’t spend the whole day walking round sneezing like I did at Chelsea last year!

Vineeth took us to one of the city’s best restaurants which is located on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in the city. The food was not so much Indian themed but more a mixture of fancy stuff at a reasonable price. Very tasty and very well presented! The view from the top of the building was fantastic and as the evening went on, the roof got busier and busier as it was also one of the city’s best bars complete with a live DJ. It did amaze me that there wasn’t that much security there as I could imagine a few people getting a bit too drunk, having a bit of a fight and it ending up with one of them being thrown over the not so high barriers that surrounded the roof area.

It was a good evening and we enjoyed catching up with Vineeth and it’s a shame we weren’t staying longer. Will definitely visit the city again at some point in the future.

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