So we finally left the chaos and cold of north India and headed for the much needed warmth and easy going lifestyle that Thailand hopefully had to offer. Unfortunately my body had decided that it was going to choose today to be as ill as it could possibly be and it made the 3hr 40min flight hell!

We flew with Indigo airlines (India’s budget airline) as the flight was relatively cheap and boy could you see why once we had boarded. It made Ryanair look like Emirates and that is no understatement! It was also bloody hot on the plane and at this point I had a raging fever. The air vents above the seats was like having an asthmatic mouse blowing on you! Not the best experience of my life! Needless to say, I spent a bit of the flight throwing up in the toilets. Nice!

We eventually got Bangkok airport at 1am and headed straight for Khao San Road hoping to be able to stay close but not too far away. It was amazing to experience, the road was heaving with more drunken nationalities than I could probably name, music blaring from everywhere and police wrestling some drunken English guys to the ground. The smell of the street food was amazing and it was a mission to pull Abby away from the midnight market stalls! After 10 hotels/hostels turned us away due to being full, we finally found somewhere on a quiet road just off Khao San.

I spent the next 3 days in the room, not too far away from the toilet and still with a really bad fever. Additional stomach cramps, muscle and kidney pain, plus a fair bit of blood were it shouldn't be added to the mix made it not a great experience at all! Abby took good care of me but we were both quite worried at one point and if I hadn’t shown any signs of improvement then we were going to hit the hospital. Anyway, I’m still alive so all is good! We are not too sure what it was, and yes, before you start mum, we have had all our jabs but, Typhoid was the only one of mine that ran out while we were away, albeit, I was supposed to be covered until the end of Feb…

Abby managed to do a small bit of exploring herself but we only really had one day were we went to the markets to do a bit of haggling. We bought a few things and Abby sampled some of the delicious smelling food that was available as I still couldn’t keep anything down.

We will be hopefully coming back to Bangkok on our way from north Thailand to the beaches so will explore it better then. All I can say is, it’s a fantastic place to go and I’m a bit sad that I have only just been to Thailand now. Everyone is so friendly, it’s so relaxed and the weather is amazing! If we (the boys) had gone when we were younger, JC would have certainly either:

a) Never come home
b) Married a stripper
c) Been arrested

But more realistically, all of the above!

Oh and Dan, we have to start ‘Project Camper’ when I get home, so start warming Jo up to it!

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